Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Students Learn Ballroom Dance at OSAI

by Victoria Harrell, OSAI PR Counselor

Each year, the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute offers an extracurricular class that every student attends during the first week. These classes give the students more opportunities to meet people from other disciplines, while loosening everyone up for their classes and other activities.  Students at Quartz Mountain this year are taking ballroom dance, taught by returning instructors Alee Reed and Rainer Trubere.

In one session, the lead dancers stand in a circle, facing their partners, who have formed a circle inside the circle of lead dancers. The students dance through a given set of steps and then switch partners, the outer circle rotating counterclockwise. As the class progresses, the students' moods visibly brighten as they get comfortable with the variety of dances and new partners.

Ballroom dance is a valuable class for every student, whether they are experienced dancers or just starting out.  Not only does this class give the students more confidence in their classes and in interactions with each other, but it will also give them confidence and skills that will be valuable later in life. Students can now boldly go out on to any dance floor and just maybe show the other dancers a thing or two.

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