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As a national model for excellence in public/private partnerships, the Oklahoma Arts Institute is grateful for its strong and long-lasting relationship with the state of Oklahoma. Nevertheless, private donations from corporations, foundations, individuals, and arts and civic organizations remain the lifeblood of the organization's funding. Each dollar invested by the State Department of Education and the Oklahoma Arts Council must be matched by private dollars raised by OAI. The Oklahoma Arts Institute is committed to raising scholarships for every student and educator attending the summer and fall programs.

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There are many ways that you can support the Oklahoma Arts Institute! Click here to learn more.

Star Wall 

A BIG thanks to all of the loyal donors who make OAI's programs possible! The Arts Institute recognizes its most generous donors, in terms of cumulative giving, on the Stars Over Quartz Mountain donor recognition wall, a permanent part of the art collection at the Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference Center in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. Click here for a list of OAI's "star" donors.

Voting Membership by Giving Level

The Oklahoma Arts Institute would like to thank its Voting Members for their generous support. With annual gifts totaling $250 or more, Voting Members elect the slate of directors to the board each November at the Annual Meeting of the Voting Membership and are the sole body vested with the authority to amend the bylaws of the organization. Voting Members are also invited to attend the Visitors’ Day festivities at Quartz Mountain during the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute in June. Click here to see the Voting Membership by Giving Level.